Door frame “casing” (also known as “trim” or “architraves” globally)  serves two main functions.

1) Aesthetic Appeal (helps define the overall look)Flush door and frame look

2) Practical Purpose (hides the gap between frame and wall).

These days however, a cleaner, sleeker, more modern look is increasingly desired on projects – which is why we are seeing heightened interest in the “casing-free”  look.   A visual that allows the wall to float into the door or door frame (depending on door swing and a couple other factors).   It’s a great look if you can pull it off.  Discerning architects, designers, and developers are turning to those who have experience in this realm because this look requires advanced planning and coordination with a seasoned door frame manufacturer.

One of those companies, Grandoor Frames, manufactures door frames that cater to this aesthetic by using an optional installation method. Their jambs can be installed with or without casing at non-rated openings, as well as in certain fire-rated applications similar to this photo.   To see how your project might benefit from a sleeker door and frame, call 210.322.5900.

PS > (Counterpoint) Just as excluding casing can create a signature look, so can a thoughtful decision to incorporate truly custom casing.   For some ideas of one-of-a-kind, room-defining Casing ideas, visit the Innovation section on or ask for the innovation desk.

High Pressure Laminate Door Frames
Casing with CHARISMA

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