Casing with CHARISMA

Typical Door Frame Casing


WM 356… S4S 1X4… WM 351… WM 366… C 211…   International Spy codes?  Quarterback Play calls?   Nope – just door casing profiles that you will see on SO many doorframes, whether it be a residential home or commercial space.   Every room therefore becomes one in the same.   Again and again and again.

We think there is a fantastic opportunity for imaginative architects, designers, and homeowners to amplify a space with CHARISMA Casing by Grandoor Frames.   This casing (or doorframe) embeds small items in resin and wood to foreshadow the meaning of the space you will be entering.     Here are some of our thoughts and are excited to hear your creative ideas.

Residential Ideas for CHARISMA Casing

  1.     Media Room: Hollywood memorabilia, old reel
  2.     Man Cave: bottle caps, bullet shells, etc.
    Wood Door Frame, Bullet Frame, unique design ideas, door casing, door trim, interior design
    Add Charisma to your doors and frames. Charisma Casing and door frames by Grandoor Frames **Example of Bullet Frame**
  3.     Home Office: office knick knacks,
  4.     Kids Room/Baby Nursery: Mini toy figures or glass buttons

Commercial Ideas for CHARISMA Casing

  1.  Bar/Restaurant:  Beer Bottle Caps
  2.  Gun Club/ Gun Shop: Bullet shells (see inset photo)
  3.  Tech Company:  computer memory chips/keyboard keys/etc.
  4.  Financial Institution/Banks/Fintech:  International coins
  5.  Vegas Resorts: Dice, chips
  6.  Conference Rooms:  Meaningful quotes, nuts & bolts, gears
  7.  Hollywood/Studios: Movie/TV themed items
  8.  Political Organization:  political pins
  9.  Zoos: Plastic toy animals
  10.  Construction Company: Tool components
    Ideas are endless. Use your creativity to create an eye catching detail for your design.
  11.  Sports: miniature balls/ whistles/ sports memorabilia
  12.  Oil & Gas: Refining components
  13.  Car Manufacturers: Matchbox cars; car keys
  14.  Telecom: Fiber or touchtone keys
  15.  Healthcare: q-tips, band-aids
  16.  Artistic: Paintbrushes, crayons
  17.  Fashion: Vintage costume jewelry, buttons
Door Frame, Casing, Trim, Interior Design, Restaurant design
Charisma Casing by Grandoor Frames – Mike’s Hard Lemonade Example for Bar/ Restaurant/ or Man Cave

What do you think?  Reach us at [email protected] or 210-322-5900 for more details on how to create your much-talked-about, one-of-a-kind casing look .




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