Fire rated wood doors and frames
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A New Frame of Mind...

Selecting the right door and frame can uniquely TRANSFORM a project from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY. Too often though, finding a reliable manufacturer can be a chore.   At Grandoors, we have assembled a team with the experience and capability to provide what you need, when you need it.   Nearly ANY CUSTOM design can be accommodated, in both non-rated and fire rated designs.     Grandoors can accommodate requests small and large requests (including the need for one frame only!)    Our mission is to be a GENUINE resource to the industry and to those looking to solve/answer both basic and complex challenges.   Go ahead and ask us a question - we'll point you in the right direction across the industry...Call us or email us at

Our work includes:

  • Commercial, Residential, and Historic Preservation
  • Oversized, Undersized, and custom Fire rated wood doors
  • Custom designs
  • Tenant finish out
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Condominium projects
  • 20/45/60/90 minute ratings
  • House-to-Garage application
  • Fire rated Glass Sidelites
  • Paint Grade or Stain grade 


Have a "grand" idea for some doors and frames? Or just have some questions about your particular application (fire rated or otherwise)?  Call or email us - We are happy to provide input and guidance based on our years of experience working with some of the most prestigious and challenging applications across the nation.